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Support the Black LP

Your support helps the Black Legacy Project continue to grow and reach more people in more places, on the ground and online. Here's how you can help! 



Join the Black LP Fan Club and get exclusive access to all sorts of cool stuff not available to the public such as Black LP concert videos, Black LP audio mixes (both final and mixes in progress), Black LP docuseries episodes, and more. Click here to learn more and join today!


Click here or the donate button at the bottom of any page and you'll be directed to our donation page where you can direct your contribution to the Black LP in your community or to the Project at large.  


We have fantastic sponsorship opportunities to put your business front & center of this important and timely project. We offer two types of sponsorships. Our Annual Sponsorships cover an entire year's worth of events nationwide. Our Event Sponsorships provide coverage for a single community. Click here to see sponsorship package details.


We have just started rolling out some great swag! Every purchase you make directly supports the Project. Click here to check out our hoodies and tees available in sizes S - XL.

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