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Black LP Fan Club


Join the Black LP Fan Club and get exclusive access to all sorts of cool stuff not available to the public such as Black LP concert videos, Black LP audio mixes (both final and mixes in progress), Black LP docuseries episodes, and more. Here's how it works:

  • Make a $100 donation to the Black Legacy Project and you'll get full access for the calendar year.


  • Your donation is cumulative. If you make multiple donations to the Black Legacy Project throughout the year and they add up to $100 or more, you're in!


  • Your donation is retroactive. If you've already donated to the Black Legacy Project in 2022, we'll count that towards the Fan Club. For those who have already hit the $100 benchmark, we'll be in touch next week with your Fan Club supporter perks.


It's that simple! So make your donation today and get in on all the action.

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