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Debut Release Out Now!

Vol. 1, the debut release from the Black Legacy Project, is a 12 song collection featuring more than 50 local musicians in Los Angeles, the Ozarks, Denver, and the Berkshires. The album showcases 8 reimagined songs written by Jimmy Driftwood, Leon Bridges, Bruce Springsteen and others as well as 4 originals.  Stream the album and check out the videos for the first three singles for a sneak peak!

Docuseries & Feature Film Coming in 2024

A seven-part docuseries, featuring an episode from each of the communities the Black Legacy Project launched in between 2021-2023, is currently in post-production. Each 30 minute episode provides an on the ground look into the project and a deep dive into local Black history. A full length documentary film about the project is in the final stages of production and is on track for a late 2024 release. 

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