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From September 2021 - June 2023, the Black Legacy Project traveled to seven communities across the country to launch the project locally in week-long, immersive residencies. In each community the project traveled to, a theme was selected around race-relations in the U.S. that had a direct connect to the local community. Two songs that support the theme, also with a direct connection to the local community, were selected for local Black and White artists to reimagine in affinity groups. Then the artists joined together to compose an original around the selected theme. In selecting the communities to travel to, the project strived to create a snapshot of America from big cities to small towns in all parts of the country and with wide-ranging demographics. Click on the links below to learn more about each community, theme, and songs.


  • Berkshires - Hope in a Hateful World (September 2021)

  • Ozarks - Sundown Town (May 2022)

  • Denver - Walking in my Shoes (September 2022)

  • Los Angeles - American Skin (December 2022)

  • Mississippi Delta - I Am the Blues (February 2023)

  • Atlanta - Building the Beloved Community (April 2023)

  • Boise - Where You'd Least Expect It (June 2023)

Black LP Launch Communities Map_edited.jpg
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