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The Black Legacy Project is all about bringing people together and building community. Simply put, we can't do it without you! Here are a few ways you can join in.


Our roundtable discussions are the backbone of the project, providing platforms for civic engagement that help inform how Black LP songs are interpreted and written. We provide safe, mindfully curated spaces for community members to engage in the hard conversations about race relations locally and beyond. Click here to participate in an upcoming roundtable near you.  


One of the things we love best about the Black LP is all of the amazing local artists we get to work with throughout the country. Are you a musician passionate about social change? Then the Black LP is for you. Audition online to be considered for the Project in your community.


The Black LP is a national project produced in partnership with community stakeholders at the local level. To authentically embed the Project in each community, we rely on a wide array of community partners. Local Project co-directors, musical co-directors, and host venues are just a few examples of the partners we seek in each community the Project is launched in. Email us to learn how you can get involved.


Wanna bring the Black LP to your town? Let's do it! Email us to learn how we can partner to bring the Project to you.

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